General terms and conditions for working with the customer

Law office “Hristanova and Hristanova”

The general terms and conditions for working with the customers at the law office “Hristanova and Hristanova” regulate the relations with our clients.

They are applied to the providing for legal aid, procedural representation and advisory services.

1. For achieving better results when assigning the task the client must provide our office with all the case-related documents, as well as complete information on the case. The customer must provide to us an address, email and phone number.

1.1. The law office ”Hristanova and Hristanova” is obligated to use the personal data and documents of the client only for the performance of the assigned work. The customer is responsible for the reliability of the submitted data and the circumstances stated by him, accordingly the authenticity of the submitted original documents.

1.2. By accepting these General terms and conditions, the client is deemed to be notified in the sense of Article 34a, Paragraph 3 of the Law for Protection of Personal Data for the fact that the same information may be revealed to third person in compliance with the applicable legislation.

1.3 By accepting these General terms and conditions, the client declares that he gives his consent to the law office “Hristanova and Hristanova” to use customers’ personal data according to the requirements of the Law for Protection of Personal Data and the General Regulation on Data Protection(Regulation 2016/679) for the following purposes:

а/ receiving and responding to inquiries for providing of services and questions on current cases;

б/ implementation of the obligations under concluded legal aid contracts.

The law office “Hristanova and Hristanova” has the right to file the data in the documents prepared under the contract, as well as to disclose such data to third person (notaries, courts, bailiffs, Registry Agency, banks, municipal administrations, etc.) in connection with the implementation of the clients ‘order.

1.4 By accepting these General Terms, the customer declares that he has been notified of the possibility to withdraw at any time the consent given under the preceding paragraph, and that withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the previous consent.


2. When awarding the order, the same it is taken by the lawyer, and the client can express a preference for the lawyer who will work on the case, and this does not override the lawyers' work at the office.

3. At the beginning of the work on the case, a contract is concluded, where the lawyer's fee is settled. Amounts for expenses for the payment of state fees for expertise, for postal and courier services and all other costs necessary for the performance of the assigned order, and also the lawyers’ fee, should be paid before the performance of the assigned job. It is possible to be agreed that the lawyers’ fee should be paid in two installments, the full payment must be done before the contract to be submitted to a court, a prosecutor’s office, a bailiff, pre-trial authorities and other physical or legal persons, state and municipal authorities, in front of which the client will be represented.

In case that any payment is not done on time, the law office reserves the right to abandon the case. If the work is done by the law firm and lawyers’ fee is not paid at all or in part, the law firm has the right to take legal action for the mandatory collecting of the due amounts.

When a client refuse the lawyers’ services without a legitimate reason, the reward paid by the client will not be refunded, and only the unspent amount of expenses will be refunded. When an out-of-court settlement of the dispute is reached or the case terminated by an agreement, paid lawyers’ fees will not be returned.

4. After termination of the assigned job, all documents and papers that are provided will be returned to the client and if originals are available – with a delivery protocol. By assignment of the order, the client agrees that law firm "Hristanova and Hristanova" will keep a copy of the submitted documents in the case file of the client within a period of at least five years.

5. The standpoint and documents prepared by the law office "Hristanova and Hristanova" are for use only by the client and can not be copied or used by third person without written consent, except for their presentation before state and municipal authorities or contractors of the client.


These General Terms and Conditions for working with customers may be changed or supplemented with a separate individual contract in accordance with the particular case.