Licenses, permissions, certificates and registrations

The general regulation of the licensing, permits and registration regimes is regulated in Act Restricting Administrative Regulation and Administrative Control over Economic Activity. The specialized normative regulation of the different types of licensing, registration and authorization regimes is contained in a number of normative acts adjusting the specific social relations.

Law office „Hristanova and Hristanova“ offers:

- Preliminary legal advice on the various licensing, registration and licensing regimes;

- Preparing the required bundle of documents; 

- Representation before the competent state and municipal authorities;

- Legal assistance in case of refusal of entry in the relevant registers, revocation of licenses, deletion of registrations, etc. 

- Registration of any changes in circumstances that are reflected in the relevant registers.


In our practice, we have contributed to the issuance of:

  • License to performance private security activities;
  • License to performance international freight transport;
  • License to performance freight transport on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Permission to performance of periodic inspection for verification the technical condition of road vehicles;
  • Certificate to performance of installation, verification and/or repair of tachographs;
  • Certificate of entry of a builder in the Central Professional Register of Builders;
  • Registration and issuance of a registration document for performance for the activity of transport (collection and transportation) of waste;
  • Registration of a commercial object in the municipality to the settlement where the object is located;
  • Object categorization.