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"As the leader of a transport company, I have been addressing several times for assistance to lawyer Plamena Hristanova. I recommend her to anyone who needs competent legal advice and assistance in solving emerging issues and cases in the field of international transport. She is a professional who deserves trust."


"ER 2 TRANS" Ltd., Veliko Tarnovo

"I express my huge satisfaction with the work of lawyer Ganka Hristanova. Exhaustive, analytical and competent. Works with understanding and empathy has a well-developed sense of justice. She brings things to a successful end. With honest attitude towards the client, I believe her unreservedly. I wish to her and her daughter, lawyer Plamena Hristanova, who works with her mother's ambition and her sense of responsibility."


Veliko Tarnovo

"I am grateful to the team of Law Office Ganca and Plamena Hristanovi for their professionalism, dedication, impeccability and correctness in solving the problems for which I have search for their collaboration. I recommend them!"


Veliko Tarnovo

"More than 10 years ago, on the advice of my acquaintances, I authorized lawyer Ganka Hristanova to represent me in a case. I was delighted with the professionalism and responsible attitude. Since then she's my lawyer. She likes her profession and works impeccably. Honest and decent person."



"I am grateful to lawyer Ganka Hristanova for the attention and dedication in solving the problems I have committed to. She has been my lawyer for many years. In my cases, she investigates everything in details and in depth and makes a lot of effort to successfully complete them. I will be happy to use the services of the office in the future."



"I highly recommend the services of lawyer Plamena Hristanova. Perfectly prepared lawyer with proven loyalty to her clients."


Veliko Tarnovo

"Lawyer Ganka Hristanova has been our legal counsel for many years and in the work of all our created traders - ET, OOD / EOOD and JSC. It is distinguished by high professionalism and morality, dedication, honesty and tolerance. She always responds unconditionally, no matter what time of day we disturb her. Valuable advice and her support in critical situations make us feel relaxed and protected. I'm grateful for all this!"



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