Subscription service 

The law office "Hristanova and Hristanova" offers subscription legal services to individuals and commercial companies, as well as to non-profit legal aim.

The purpose of subscription legal services is for a certain period of time to provide all necessary legal services for the normal functioning of the client's business, including the solution of sudden legal problems except the usual ones.

First of all, customers who have signed a subscription legal service contract are guaranteed with priority consideration and timely resolution of all legal issues.

Secondly, under a subscription legal service contract, the lawyer first will hear a case in details and after that closely will keep an eye the activity of the client. A thorough knowledge of the specifics of a business helps to find the right solutions quickly in dealing with case of a different nature. That's why, in perhaps over 90% of cases, a trusted lawyer will reach a decision and give advice at times faster than a fortuitously hired colleague who does not know the client's activity, no matter how good he is.

Thirdly, when it comes to prices, practice shows that subscription legal services are the most cost-effective method for paying lawyers' services.

And last but not least, in the case of subscription legal services, are created trust and security in the relationship between "lawyer-client".

What includes subscription legal services:

1. Verbal, written legal assistance, online legal assistance, telephone consultations - on each question/case the client receives a written or verbal standpoint.

2. Initial review, amendment, addition or drafting of new internal company documents (model contracts, general conditions, internal labor regulations, code of conduct, acts under the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) and the Law for Protection of Personal Data, etc.), and also if is necessary, their subsequent correction in case of a change in the legislation.

3. Providing written and verbal standpoints on legal issues across the spectrum of law, including labor law cases.

4. Preparation of employment contracts and annexes, job descriptions, appointment orders, dismissal, reassignment, disciplinary proceedings, declarations under the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) and the Law for Protection of Personal Data.

5. Legal assistance under the Law for Health and Safety at Work, the secondary legislation and the acts of the european legislation related to this law.

6. Drawing up and checking up contracts.

7. Providing a lawyer who conducts negotiations with your partners and clients.

8. Preparation and conducting of legal proceedings under the general order to protect the interests of the company. According to Ordinance 1 of the Supreme Bar Council for the attendance of cases additional lawyer’s remuneration is to be paid.

9. Drawing up notarial invitations for voluntary implementation of obligations to you by your clients and partners.

10. Forming and conducting of ordered proceedings and enforcement cases with Private bailiff for recovery of receivables.

11. Preparation of documents related to the legal status of the company under the Commerce Law and the Law of Commercial Register - change, amendment and supplement to the Company Agreement, management contracts, registration of changes in the circumstances of the company, preparation of documents for general meetings of the partners or the shareholders (invitations, attendance lists, protocols for taken decisions) and also the meetings of the board of directors, possible participation in the meetings, etc.

12. Investigation, consultation and draw up of necessary documents on deals for real estate properties.

13. Legal service on any additional cases in your current job!

The price for subscription legal services is determined individually, according to the requirements and needs of the client.

Legal services, different than the agreed subscription legal services, are additionally paid on the basis of a signed legal aid contract.