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„Benefits last for a day, principles and self-respect – for a century.“



Welcome in our website!

The main purpose is to inform about the legal services that we offer and to provide easy contact with the law firm.

Our team is made up of two lawyers for whom the positive results and customer satisfaction are leading in their work. The activity of the law firm is directed to(geared towards) one aim – to protect the interests of the clients in the best possible way.



The team of the law firm „Hristanova and Hristanova“ has a professional experience  of different orientation, which gives the opportunity to cover a broader range of activities. We offer a full range of lawyers’ services in the field of criminal law, family law, inheritance law, commercial law, contract law, material law, labour law and transport law, including legal representation in front of judicial authority, arbitral authority and executive authority. We also work in the field of personal data protection.